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A study in perspective

"Men learn best those lessons writ in blood." - Agaba
"When truth dies, Tyranny is near." - Abaga
Having a good system in place is essential to success.

Questions can be very upsetting. Lingering doubts can be very disconcerting. You are SO important to us, and we want you to be able to recover from every shock and get over every fear. It is best not to be troubled by the things that are done that are above you. Those who are above you have their own dealings and their own concerns, and these are not for you to be bothered about. You must remain calm and accept the reality around you. It is important to continue to go to work, speak with friends, spend time with loved ones, and eat nourishing foods. Relax and enjoy your day. If you feel troubled, our counselors are available at any time. If we can be of any assistance, please don't hesitate to contact HR. We would LOVE to talk with you!
Ready... Set... Go!!!
1.1.2 - We often ask ourselves, what is Net? What is the form of the entrapment, the nature of the bondage, the pleasure in the flagellation? But who can look within herself and see before the coming of the time, the dying of the time, the fading of the light and the drifting off in sleepy nighttime slumber visions of that dear old thing the Troof? What is Net? Are you Net? Or are you gross?

Zombie craze days.
5.3.4 - The protocols of Net are few. They are simple. Instill fear. Offer hope. Collect fee. Repeat cycle. Learn or be an idiot. Above the noise, there is no noise. In stillness is sound, but it is the silent sound of reasoning. Be wise.

6.2.8 - When is a tragedy not a tragedy? When is a disaster not a disaster? When is grief not grief? I don my mask, and stand at the center of the stage, and let the Gods declaim through my lips. What is Net? Are you Net? Or are you gross?

Define "urgency".
Define "security".
7.5.1 - The whole world a prison, because the whole world a prism. Consider that what you see is not what you see, but merely what I say you see. If I am louder than you within the halls of your own mind, then am I not the source of all that you know? If I taught you how to think, then I taught you who to be. Who is Net? And who is gross?

Define "currency".
7.5.2 - Law arises out of force. That is all.

The new normal: when disaster drills aren't enough.
12.12.12 - Frame the debate and control the venue. Thought arises out of dissonance. Do not permit dissonance; revel in dissonance. It is not necessary to convince, because it is only necessary to confuse. If we confuse, we frighten. What we frighten, we rule.

What is fear?
What is real?
Can you feel the difference between the real and the artificial?
Or is it all in your mind?

Redefine "urgency".

17.1.1 - What is perceived outweighs what is experienced. To control the discussion of any topic is to first control the capacity to perceive reality at all. Once the saturation of the population is complete, Net will be absolute. All that is not Net will be gross, and only the Net really matters. 

Remember: always and every time be nice to everyone always no matter what.

Can I interest you in anything further? Please consult our menu of options:


Vimana: or how the skeptics, once again & very conveniently, manage to miss the point entirely...

If there are craft from interstellar visitors operating in our skies, landing on our earth, and operating in our oceans, then the entire basis for human civilization and the fundamental goals of our species must immediately and radically change. The time of fantasy and sadomasochism must end, and it must end at once. We have no time and no excuse to behave otherwise, and this negation includes the complaint, "It's too hard to change so much, so fast."


The Reptilians

Look, who didn't love the Lizard Men from old skool D&D?

But do Lizard Men plot in secret beneath the earth, awaiting a time in which they might rise to dominate the surface world once again? This is a Doctor Who plot, not a reality.

Do chameleon-Lizard Men infiltrate the deepest, darkest halls of human power, while others emerge in the light of day and present themselves as Barack Obama - or Michelle, on days when she doesn't get accused of having a penis - or the Pope or something?
Is this supposed to be hot? I don't get it...

See, when you put things in a certain light, they sound pretty stupid. Or more correctly, "stoopud." Why aren't words spelled like they sound? Would it be any less confusing?

The short answer to your question is that words are used to control your mind. New research has emerged that demonstrates that words and particular patterns of words force the listener's brain to run a simulation of the activity suggested. Like, when I say to you, "running soft fingertips down your arm."

True, you can use neuro-linguistic programming for lots of cool stuff, but that doesn't make it any less rapey to get into somebody's head just to make out with them. That's super weird. Or more correctly, "soopur."
Noam Chomsky recently invoked me.

When you slip code, you gotta go deep. High five if you caught that last bit. :)

The Reptilians are a reality, but only insofar as everything we've ever dreamed of manages to be true somewhere, sometime. This is the nature of infinity, and there is infinite diversity consisting in infinite combinations. If you were God, you'd have to create some pretty intricate shit to keep yourself engaged.

One of the primary issues that plagues individuals gifted with a desire for truth is the simple fact that to reject a religion is not to reject a god... yet many make precisely this jump from dissatisfaction with the obvious flaws in dogma to a determination that the universe is a place devoid of a maker.

"Yet I tell you truly, that which has been made cannot be unmade, for THAT which made it will not permit the unmaking." - Agaba

God is an incomprehensible concept. The effects of God can be managed, but direct contact generally leads to people's heads exploding.

When frustration occurs, stop worrying about the frustration. What is the root of the problem?

Have you ever considered the possibility that you could successfully invent your own religion, call yourself the "Wise Leader" or something analogous, and make up a bunch of rules with complex explanations for people to follow? Did you ever consider that maybe you could throw out any old total bullshit, substantiate it in the most cynical and manipulative of terms, and play upon the profound human need to belong, and thereby propel yourself to wealth?

The Vicar did. That's what's with this whole get-up and all the sermonizing. You should send me a check for $500 and I'll keep saving souls. (No dick pics, plz.)

If you want to live on a beach, drink awesome liquor, eat the best food, and have all the bizarre, guilt-free sex possible, invent a TERRIBLE FEAR and impress people that IT IS COMING and then offer them THE ONE TRUE ANSWER.

Want to make money? Here is the simple, fun, and incredibly user-friendly equation:



T + S + NOW + X = $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Gold prices are about to...
New disease baffles doctors...
Sugar causes...
ISIS is coming to kill you personally...
People are shooting up our schools...
People are shooting up our movie theaters...
Autism on the rise...
ADD/ADHD ruins kids futures...
Everybody's bisexual... You'd better: (1) try it too, (2) go to Church more, (3) read the internet to match this trend with prophecies, (4) figure out what evil secret group is plotting to weaken Western Civilization...

And so ON.

Consider that all the lies and truths are designed only to fracture and confuse the body politic.
Ignore that the system is a pyramid.
But now, don't just know this, or be bitter or cynical about it.
Live in this knowledge, and from it:
No demon is so great, no monster so vast, that it cannot be starved into existence.

Ignore that when that system malfunctions, the people at the top are the ones always and ONLY at fault... but ignore this fact at your peril. 

Fight the Powerful, or else worry about the Lizard Men. Or the football game. Or the sitcom. Or the internet porn. Or the music scene. Or the blogosphere.

Fight the Powerful, or just sit there and let them feed, entertain, and distract you.

Aristotle explained the underlying waveform that dominates the mechanics of human government and social change a very, very long time ago. He learned from one who learned from Socrates, and it was Socrates who was the greatest Wizard among the Classical World's leading lights. His was the power to awaken the core truth: that when one emerges from the Cave, one is inside a bigger Cave.

The M-Pire Staet bldg wuz HIT by a B25 in 1945 and dint fall down --> :)

Did you know that things that look obviously false are generally false?
Did you know that the more explanation that is required, and the greater the volume of specialty knowledge invoked, the greater the likelihood that the entire premise is bullshit?

The conspiracy isn't that there are hidden lizard people plotting against us. There are a few, but only just a few, and they have been trapped here for a very, very long time. They are held neatly in check and cannot afford to make a real bid for power. And David Icke has no earthly idea what he's talking about. He is running an entirely different racket and has a totally different goal. But it's the people who pay him for his storytelling who have a goal beyond profit.

The conspiracy is that each of these conspiracies divides the populace and create maximum confusion. Religions do the same thing, as do political views of any sort, and social or cultural expectations like racism or perceptions of moral family structures. These are tools, handles by which to grab you, guide you, and direct you. Even when you are vigilant for such manipulation, the same end  is achieved: you become a part of the vigilant crowd. Predictably, in the echo chamber, you begin to all believe the same fundamental theories and fear the same fundamental terrors. You become a predictable market - a group to whom much can be sold, and from which little real threat can be expected. It's not as though the preppers and the revolutionaries and the sovereign citizens are ever actually going to DO anything. The time for doing was long past, and nobody said peep. After Kent State, when all the Post Offices weren't burned down, it was pretty obvious to some of the Secret Societies that Liberty was going the same way it has gone like five thousand times before.

This is a pattern, in no way controlled or orchestrated by Lizard Men from underground. Instead, it is a natural and repeating phenomenon identifiable not by a direct temporal or experiential measure, but rather as a response to levels of pressure generated in a number of sectors and by a a number of factors. Thus, it is functionally impossible to accurately predict THE END. The end of days or Armageddon do little enough for any of us, anyway. But the shifting nature of the variables that tend upon societal collapse can be readily observed, and their relative intensity as against the emergence of the same phenomena in a different era can be measured.

This is why it is crucial that people get it together and stop worrying about nonsense. It would help if we all had some outward goal that was bigger than each of us as individuals and within the little groups that we think we belong to. By the way, remember the power of words, and remember how many times in your life you have been presented with the opportunity to "belong" to something.

Consider what is asked of you, and what you surrender.

And remember, all of this has been done before. There are endless repetitions of variations on themes and renditions or versions of the same movements, ideas, persons, and forms. The pattern - in its current cycle - demonstrates sufficient perceptible change that it seems implausible to us that we are all inextricably linked to each other and that we are all coexisting in the same simultaneous series of instants in time. I cam comfortable living with the fact that some of these ideas and phrases will not be understood for a thousand years.

Can you find the patterns? Have you unlocked the slip - codes?

Or have the Lizard Men gotten to you?


Robin Williams is dead because Ferguson is burning

Conspiracy theories are fun because if they are true, then the world is a much darker and infinitely more interesting place than if the vanilla default loudly declared by the mainstream is our true condition. For example, nobody should desire a world in which chem trails are not a reasonable thing. After all, if there aren't chemicals being deliberately dispersed in the atmosphere for some nefarious purposes, then that means that the chemicals present are in fact just pollutants that we are collectively too stupid to do away with. Deliberately poisoning the population is actually a better option - it means that at least some human beings are smart enough to use their power and wealth to absolute ends.

Do you think the fluoride is in the water to control your mind and reduce your ability to resist? I have bad news for you... It isn't. It's for your teeth, homey. The mind control chemicals are in the bottled water and in the filtration systems they sell you to filter your water, and the chemicals in question are not on the labels. The only safe water is probably the tap water.

What THEY sell you, you'd better not buy. In this MATRIX, your attitudes and opinions define and reveal you. If you buy face cream, and do crunches, and quit smoking, and eat kale and avocado, and "go green," and work in a job that cannot be explained in simple terms to a small child, then you BELONG. And when you BELONG to something, you are a slave. That thing, or group, or those people OWN you. If you are someone's valued property, you get to live... for a while.

If you are the RESISTANCE, then you don't go with the program. You BELONG to the COUNTER-CULTURE... Much like Robin Williams did, a million years ago in a place called "America."
Controlled Opposition is critically important in maintaining the right electro-chemical balance among the PROLES.
Robin Williams was a great light among performers and a truly unique personality. His loss is palpable in a world sorely in need of a good laugh. We are told he committed suicide. I am sure that he did. But what I think that few of us are willing to realize is that his suicide was just as surely an "Illuminati" murder.

You see, THE SYSTEM that rules all of us is controlled by people who know that the population is too big, and it's getting bigger. THEY plan to reduce the surplus by astonishing levels over the next several centuries. You've probably heard this kind of Agenda 21 bullshit before. The difference is that the Vicar is not a nut, at least in part because he is able to recognize Agenda 21 for the cipher it truly is. The Vicar is going to tell you what the truth is, and then many of you are going to disregard or overtly reject it. So here we go: Here's the GLOBAL ELITE'S real evil plot:

Everyday shit kills you. Normal shit kills you. The food kills you. What's in that FAST FOOD? Do you really think it is FOOD? Stuff that is advertised as a cure or a solution kills you ironically. That's the evil depopulation plan. You kill yourself. Prozac makes you kill yourself, or Seroquel, or Buspar. Pick your poison. Some slow deaths have been out there for a while now (alcohol & tobacco) and there are some quick deaths on the horizon (euthanasia clinics & sacrifice clubs). MDMA kills you as surely as does heroin (legal and illegal) and meth and crack. Muscle builders and protein shakes are probably killing you. Milk is killing you. Weed is super illegal because its spirit awakens enough creativity in some that they become genuine resistors, who fall off the grid - so now it will be legalized so that it can be chemically sprayed, "for your health." Depression and despair triggered by economic disadvantagement kills you. Abortion kills you before you were born. Birth control kills you before you are conceived, which is a neat fucking trick metaphysically speaking. War kills you and disease kills you. Riots kill you. Martial law and military police kill you.

The control mechanisms are not ever focused on a single approach. Only a fool tries a single approach, which is why that little jack-booted thug in Germany had to die. He had many techniques for killing, but only ONE SYSTEM. And so he had to go, felled by the New Rome. By this, a new empire could arise, and spread a new SYSTEM, of MANY SYSTEMS, designed to bring all humanity under the spread of its mighty eagle's wings... but called the UN.

You guys know that you pronounce, "UN" as "uhn," right? Neurolinguistically speaking, UN means the disunity of nations - literally, "not the unity of nations." It is the agent of death, and death's angel. It is a false unification, held together by the metaphorical spit and bailing wire of a corrupt global elite: wealth, corruption, greed, lust, and brute force. The fact that BRUTE FORCE wears a powder blue sweater does not change the fact that BRUTE FORCE can fucking kill you. It just looks really pastel when it's doing the deed.

Confirmation bias serves to drive popular will, and by this, the numinous mass known as Public Opinion. Such a thing of course does not exist. There can be no absolute distillation of belief, because all human beings are to some limited extent unique, and as such, no two minds will follow the same cognitive patterns.

Synchronicity is the binding force that can explain all things, but it is more importantly a force that may be tapped into and used to great effect. The better one understands synchronicity, the better one knows the difference between it, and the impossible coincidences that reek of conspiratorial activity.

The current conception of the American Middle Class emerged from the relatively remote and now bizarre concept of the freeholder - a man who controlled his own patch of land and ruled his own destiny and that of his own family. This was not a paradise for women, children, and minorities, but for us to pass judgment on the views of the dead is not only useless, it is also irrelevant. None of us knows how we might have reasoned or acted had we been born a slave 300 years ago, much less had we been born a plantation owner or a vintner's son, or a wheelwright. These are not things anyone can know, except for wizards - and as a wizard I can tell you that when you were born 300 years ago, you totally believed the same things everyone important to you expected you to believe... Just like you do now. No matter who you think you are in relation to the STATE, the relationship is in fact unchanged. You are someone the STATE can and does manage, or else you are dead.

The form of government does not matter. It is the manner of governance that matters.

America's Middle Class is a function of a political necessity. In order to build an empire, the Americans needed a strong economy capable of fueling an even more powerful military. The Civil War had demonstrated that American determination and ferocity - quite evident in the Mexican American War and even in the Revolution that the colonists nearly lost - when joined with ingenuity, equaled a true powerhouse. Technology was very determinative in the Civil War, and while other nations like England and France could match us in many ways, they could not be certain of achieving a clear victory against so large, productive, and aggressive a foe.

Soldiers from before the era of steroids and super-serum.
Providing industrial jobs to wage slaves began as a new feudalism (as the natural human governmental form is roughly feudalistic in nature), but it transformed into a means of producing a large bourgeoisie. This in turn could be taxed and enlisted in the military when needed. Thus, a volunteer army of patriotic, dedicated soldiers could be fielded, replete with the spiritual and moral advantage of true-believerism. Such an army, well-armed, well-led, and incredibly well-supplied by that massive industrial complex, could hardly be beaten.

During the Cold War, the propaganda in the U.S. and disseminated abroad focused on the material wealth and comfort of the majority of Americans. This was an essential tool for countering the lure of various populist and anarchistic/socialistic political philosophies that emerged just before and during the 20th Century. Communism looked sickly and poor alongside the smiling American NUCLEAR family, that inescapable trope of the forever-perfect 1950s.

Then JFK got a little off the chain and ahead of himself, talking about and seriously funding space exploration. Malthusian predictions indicated that the Earth's population would go off the deep end one day, trigger a critical mass event, and yield near-certain, near-total, global destruction. Even REVELATIONS couldn't match the horrors to come. So the ELITE decided in thousands of little lodge and temple meetings of hundreds of different secret societies, community organizations, business & trade organizations, and academic hang-out clubs that there had to be effective plans in place to prevent the population apocalypse.

The ELITE'S solution? Kill people. Get them to kill each other. Get them to kill themselves. Let disease and privation kill the Third World, let proxy war and upheaval kill the Second World. Preserve the First World... or at least the obedient populations that would be of some use. Let those who BELONG, live.

By contrast, JFK's idea of investing in the space colonization dream didn't sit well with the GLOBAL MASTERS. It was upsetting, and sounded a whole lot like one Nobleman's clever populist ploy to gain the full support of the people and proceed with unseating his fellow Noblemen. In essence, JFK got a little too CAESAR for even CAESAR'S taste.

The dystopian science fiction that you read about or watch is always and only one of two things. Either it is a metaphor for the world you currently live in, authored by a member of the controlled opposition - the COUNTER-CULTURE - or else it is a predictive text training you to submit to the horrors of tomorrow, which will not be as obvious in real life as they were in the book or movie. This is why there are now cameras everywhere, usually purchased by the very people whose rights those cameras are used to violate.

Yes, it was.
The purpose of social media is to get you, in writing, on record, to say things that can be used against you. If the government does this, it is seen as oppression. So instead, your crazy Facebook past can keep you from getting that good job in the future. BELONG, or you will have nothing. Be careful what you say to each other. Constantly worry that you might be offending someone. Worry. Worry. Anxietize. Be afraid. You could lose everything. Run, little hamster. Run in your wheel.
Assault on Capitalist Macro State: Success!
Of course the truth is that the hidden agendas and fifth column elements are not hidden at all, and no fifth column is necessary where four are getting the job done. The ENEMY is in plain sight. This is why QuikTrip was burned to the ground in Ferguson, MO. Not because poor black people are inherently stupid and thus burn down their own communities out of rage and frustration. Rather, a more Makavellian truth is present: Poor black people know very well who the MAN is, and how he RULES. QuikTrip is the MAN. And the MAN just got cut.
The Republic never looked quite like this...
But this kind of rioting and resistance is micromanaged. It's not going anywhere that it isn't permitted to go. The autogenesis of these things isn't really any of the ELITE'S concern. They know perfectly well, from the boardroom to the White House to the Office of Student Affairs, that there will periodically be unrest. The mechanism that is important isn't a means to reduce, prevent, or otherwise preemptively satisfy needs and demands to head off such unrest. It is instead a cultural manipulation tool - you might call it something like, MEDIA - that insures that perceptions will remain fractured when they should be unified.

If people in a society are suffering and fearful in large numbers, they really have no logical place to look other than to the big houses and gilded palaces and ornate retreats of the very most powerful and wealthy. The French understood this in 1789. If you kill off the ELITE, or at least a substantial number of them, you can redistribute their fluid wealth and empower new groups. These of course become the NEW BOSS, but that isn't all that important when the NEW BOSS reigns within the reach of living memory of a mass slaughter of the OLD BOSSES. It's a constructive reminder, and reminiscent of Jefferson's musings on the Tree of Liberty and the Blood of Tyrants.

The main issue is always the same, however. The fundamental human desire is for freedom, and nothing equals freedom like the empowerment that comes from not having to do things for yourself. And wealth means not having to do all kinds of things for yourself. It means having others do for you. But this is not a thing desired only by the ELITE. It is also what a great many of the decadent poor in Western nations believe - that they should be given things, rather than have to work for them. This is a politically dangerous statement, because it is so overtly and obviously true. This is also completely devoid of a racial component, since it is a common view of the decadent poor of any society or time, without regard to skin color or other superficial characteristics. Some human beings are just spoiled.

But that's okay, because the "Illuminati" have a plan to throw out the ones that have gone bad.




How to be super positive and still make stuff happen

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Unite or Divide?
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The best defense is a good offense.

My vagina's password is, "Guest".

Hey, man, settle down.

This God we invented is always looking at me naked. What's his problem?
Remembering to do things is really important.
Yes it was.
I wish you would.
Artificial Enemy created by Real Enemy to make Enemies among those who should be Friends. If the voice of the revolution starts making sense, it is time to introduce dissonance and confusion into the equation.

Her name is Athena. The Founders belonged to her order. Their descendants created an indoctrination apparatus that looked like a capitalistic entertainment production corporation. Yesterday never stopped being real. Faith never dies, it just transforms.
The best lies are almost always well-packaged, well-maintained, and loudly insisted upon.
Lies that are true are the best lies of all.
puppet show
Don't be a dumbass. Do something about it.
Handing the opposition the tools of revolution and the symbols of resistance is sometimes misunderstood by the uninitiated as the process of pre-conditioning a population to accept certain alterations in the nature of the regime. But the regime has never been all that impressive a thing, any more than the revolution has managed to be televised. That which is televised has died. We don't do TV.

Slavery is like laundry: there are many subtle levels.

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An arc in time saves nine.
A stitch in rhyme comes nigh.
e pluribus hippopotamus
Ut chutney ute aw grattain tastey tast

 There is only one business: getting people to tell you who they want you to tell them to be, and then having them pay you for it.

 This has been a wonderful trip to aru opportunity to share with you quasi dim all the truths that are not en available to the lay mind s because iiii the true secrets are a closely held set of teachings contained within an oral spiritual tradition that o does not have a name. There is no equal to the experience of closeness that such a group shares. nal
How do you translate an origin tale? How to lift the culture barrier between worlds and minds and thoughts of minds about worlds? Is there a vision sufficient to catch such a thing? Transcribe.